Alumni Committee Mission

The Alumni Committee was formed in the mid 2000’s to create a vehicle for outreach to dancer alumni.  Our goal is to facilitate engagement of Quadrille Dancer Alumni to participate in support of the Quadrille Ball and the Germanistic Society Scholarship Fund.  This includes participation in fundraising, event attendance, and support of ball preparation.

Activities pursued by the Committee include:

  • Hosting and organizing events throughout the year that engage dancer alumni to facilitate networking, support fundraising efforts, and encourage participation the annual Quadrille Ball.
  • Encouraging and facilitating Quadrille Ball prospective dancer recruitment to supplement efforts of the Junior Committee and Ball Committee.
  • Supporting the Quadrille Ball Committee on Ball preparation such as identifying potential sponsors and silent auction donations and supporting Ball logistics.

Dancer alumni are welcome to inquire about joining the committee or contributing, no matter where you live or how long ago you danced at the ball.  Email conrad@quadrilleball.org .  We reset the committee in the August-October period and remain active for one year.

Alumni Committee Members and dance years for 2023-2024:


  • Andrew Bevan (’12)
  • Conrad Steinmann (‘09)


  • Daniel Mazza (’19)
  • David Escamilla (’19)
  • Edwin Sheffield (’89)
  • Erika Meister (’08)
  • Frank Luo (’97)
  • Jeffery King (’18)
  • Jonathan Doucette (’20)
  • Mia Barayang (’16)
  • Michael Golia (’16)
  • Michael Pecnik (’06)
  • Nicole Clarke (’15)
  • Olivia McDonnell (’16)
  • Shawn Desker (’06)
  • Varun Sanyal (’17)
  • William Palumbo (’11)



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