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The Quadrille Ball offers a unique opportunity for young professionals in New York City to meet new friends, be at the center of one of the city’s most elegant events, and have a great time while supporting a charitable cause.


Each year, a new group of Quadrille dancers meets weekly to learn the dance routine to be performed at the ball. No prior dance experience is required. The rehearsals are held on the Upper East Side on Tuesday nights.


Following each rehearsal there is an after-party held at the private homes of former Quadrille dancers or at a location near the rehearsal. The parties are a great way for participants to relax after the rehearsal and get to know each other better.


The day of the ball is all about presenting what the dancers have learned. At the Pierre Hotel the dancers, dressed in their tails and white dresses, greet guests and dignitaries, enjoy dinner, and then perform the Quadrille Dance. After their showcase, they mingle and dance the night away with the live bands until 4 am.


The Quadrille Ball is a benefit for The Germanistic Society of America, a non-profit organization which awards scholarships to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students. The price of the ticket to attend the ball is $600 per person, however the dancers are entitled to a special discount price of $300. In addition to the ticket price, all ladies must pay dress rental fee of $160 + $40 for accessories (tiara, gloves and dress hoops). All gentlemen must rent a white-tie ensemble for approximately $210 unless already owned.


To be eligible to participate as a dancer at The Quadrille Ball you must be:

  • between 21 and 30 years old
  • sociable
  • able to attend rehearsals on Tuesday nights starting at 7 PM
  • well groomed

Note that even if you match all of the above requirements, you are not guaranteed to be selected to dance in the upcoming ball due to space limitations. The dance floor can only fit a limited number of dancers for the performance. The more rehearsals you attend and the better you are at the dance, the more chances you will have for being selected. If you are not selected to dance in the upcoming ball, you can still be selected to dance in the next year’s ball, provided you still satisfy the requirements above. In late October you will be invited to the Dancers Reception where you will be able to meet with the Ball Committee members, other prospective dancers, see the live demonstration of the dance, and enjoy some refreshments.


To apply to become a dancer at the upcoming Quadrille Ball, you must fill out the on-line application. If you were referred to the ball by a prior dancer or other Quadrille affiliated person, please make sure you specify their name in the application. Otherwise please specify how you found out about the ball.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email the Quadrille Junior Committee chairs Andrew Bevan and Katie Sorrels, using the following address: jcchairs(at)quadrilleball.org.


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