Author: Bettina Lippisch

Join us for the 10th Spring Soirée
The Alumni Committee is thrilled to announce the 2024 Spring Soirée, set to enchant guests with the theme "Art in Springtime.” This year's event will take place in a hidden fine art gallery within the historic Down Town Association. Join us on Thursday, May 2nd, for an evening filled with dancing, drinks, appetizers, and the...
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How Quadrille makes a difference in young people’s lives

Computer Science, International Relations, Environmental Sciences, Combatting Hate Speech, and Exploring New Sustainable Materials: The exceptional young researchers awarded Quadrille Scholarships for the current academic year are passionately committed to diverse areas of study, poised to effect meaningful change in their respective fields. Thanks to the generous contributions of Quadrille Sponsors, donors, and guests, the…

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63rd Annual Quadrille Ball from a Dancer Alumni Perspective, Conrad Steinmann

I am excited to share my experience at the latest Quadrille Ball. Having attended since 2009, I have witnessed its evolution, and each year it surpasses expectations. The Quadrille dance presentation remains the highlight, a spectacular performance that distinguishes this event in New York City. This year’s venue, 583 Park Avenue, was exquisite. Its high…

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Alumni Committee Mission

The Alumni Committee was formed in the mid 2000’s to create a vehicle for outreach to dancer alumni.  Our goal is to facilitate engagement of Quadrille Dancer Alumni to participate in support of the Quadrille Ball and the Germanistic Society Scholarship Fund.  This includes participation in fundraising, event attendance, and support of ball preparation. Activities…

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How to Update your Contact Information

Quadrille maintains a database on contacts of dancer alumni, committee members, ball patrons, and ball sponsors.  Dancer alumni can log into the MEMBERS section of quadrilleball.org to see your profile.  After logging in, you can update your contact information by selecting PROFILE, then EDIT.  Your contact information is kept confidential and used only for official…

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